Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scallop Edge Tutorial

Have you ever punched out a wide oval like this one, gone to put it on your card and thought that it needed something else?
Would you like to know how to make it look like this..................?

(other than changing the colour of the wide oval punched shape? Hehehe)

Let me show you how........Here is my first blogworld tutorial.


Step 1. Punch out the wide oval.

Step 2. Punch out 3 scallop ovals. You can use full ovals, but if you are like me, and tend to save you scraps for punching you can actually use 2 2/3 ovals and 1 full oval. Cut the full oval in half vertically.

Step 3. Adhere the first 2/3 oval to to top of the back of the wide scallop.

Step 4. Repeat with the bottom side.

Rear view will look like this.....

Step 5. Adhere the 2 half ovals to the ends, making sure that you line up the scallops as best you can ( there will be a slight difference as seen in the picture, but the overall effect is of a full scallop edge)

Rear view will be like this.

Step 6. Because you already have 4 layers of cardstock, I usually use glue dots to attach the scallop edged oval to my cards.
I will show you how this card looks finished after Wednesday, as this is a sneek peek from one of the techniques I will be teaching to my class then (waving at you ladies!!). Scroll back to have a look at how I've used the same techniques on the sweet treat cup rattle cards a couple of posts ago.
Happy Stamping........Manda

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  1. Thanks Manda for the lovely tutorial! Can't wait to try it myself. :-D