Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Creations of a different kind.......

As promised, although a little bit later than anticipated, here are my culinary creations from this Christmas.

Firstly, we have the ice cream Christmas Tree Cake.  Why?  Because I don't like fruit cake, and nor do my children.  So when my mum discovered the Christmas Tree cake tin when cleaning out cupboards during her Spring Clean, I snaffled it to make this.....

Vanilla on the base, then a layer of chocolate for the tree base and the trunk, and then mint choc chip for the greenery.  Of course we needed some decorations on the tree.......and along came mini M&M's.  The edges of the vanilla layer are mint thins.

Then we have the gingerbread house.  As I think I mentioned in the last post, this year instead of buying pre-made gingerbread pieces, I bought a cookie cutter set that cuts the pieces of the house. So I made the gingerbread and assembled the pieces while the children decorated.  Misses 10 and 8 decorated the house, while Mr 4 decorated the Christmas trees and what where chimney pieces, but became fences because they didn't fit on the roof.  They had a wonderful afternoon.......

So......wishing you a very Happy Christmas......and I'll catch up again soon, once holidays are over.

Happy Stamping........Manda xxxx


  1. Yum, loving the idea of that Christmas tree ice cream cake!

  2. I hope you all enjoyed eating them as much as you enjoyed making them Manda! Happy 2012 from our family to yours