Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something a little different.....

Background Fact #1: Today is Stamping Friend J's birthday.

Background Fact #2: Friend J is a Twilight Saga fan (as am I, sad I know).

Background Fact #3: Yesterday, I visited Stamping Friend C's house, and she let me 'raid' her stamping stash, and experiment with her Copic Markers.

Background Fact #4:  I found 'Edward' in the stash.

Result: One birthday card, especially made for Friend J, and posted snail mail earlier today.  (Friend J - if you are reading this post before getting happy mail, STOP NOW!!!)

Sad story continued.....the vampire's skin shimmers like diamonds in the sunlight, so Edward wouldn't be complete without some Shimmer Paint. I think you can see it in the photo below.

Again, not to spoil Friend J's surprise, but inside the card I wrote, " I can't send you the real one, but I think my stamped Edward is actually cuter than the real one anyway!!"

Now I should add that I'm not sure that this stamped Edward is supposed to be the Twilight Edward, but he looked close enough for me.  Sometimes, things just work out perfectly!!

Happy Birthday, Friend J!!

Happy Stamping.....Manda


  1. Very, very cute! I wish I'd been raiding C's stamping stash with you instead of working! LOL! Happy Birthday, J!

  2. He looks very good indeed! What is the DSP and I know J will love it.

  3. J does love it!!!!! Thank you!!!!!