Saturday, February 12, 2011

Growing Green Technique Card....

This is the last of my Growing Green card series....(read - finally returned Cassie's stamp set)! LOL.

This card I taught for technique class yesterday, and is a square version of my MIL's card from a couple of posts ago. 

Michelle picked the technique, Masking, but this was a surprise card with a second sneaky technique, which you couldn't see on the photo, but you can see below........

Shimmer Mist made from Shimmer Paint.  Very simple, but effective.  Simply mix a little bit of Shimmer Paint with Isocol Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle, shake, spritz, and ...ta-dah....Simmer Mist!

All details are the same as for the previous MIL post. 

Happy Stamping......Manda.

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